"Though the shapes are Art Deco-inspired, the overall effect is decidedly modern"
"With a unique style inspired by 'Egyptian burial jewels and samurai warriors,' Ishiyama's certainly proving her hand-made pieces -- which combine off-beat materials like durable stingray skin (!) with brass alloys -- are wonderfully different."
"Collette's collection is already garnering plenty of attention- NBC's The Thread has deemed her 'One to Watch'. We really couldn't agree more."
"The influence of a childhood spent among rare and extraordinary antique...finds its way into every Collette Ishiyama collection."
"Hand carved and cast in
either gold or white brass,
these pieces are also inlaid with
Black Stingray for a dark but clean
sense of luxury."
"...the luxury skin is placed in a setting in the back of her brass pieces, adding a element of hidden beauty, while simultaneously making several of the pieces reversible."