Collette Ishiyama's jewelry comes from a bygone era.

The daughter of an avid antique collector, the designer's childhood was awash with vintage baubles and trinkets. She would spend hours sifting through her mother's vast collection of Art Deco treasures, retro costume jewelry and victorian notions. Her father favored all things streamlined, mechanical and clean, and with his guidance Collette learned how to bring her ideas to fruition.

After studying painting at Pratt, Ishiyama realized her aspirations spanned beyond the two dimensional. Her love of creating dioramas and miniatures propelled her to try her hand at creating jewelry. Soon she was apprenticing for leading jewelers in New York and had found her niche.

Collette Ishiyama jewelry is handmade in the East Village in New York City. Each model is meticulously carved by Ishiyama and cast in Manhattan.

Collette Ishiyama's debut collection, "Emerald City," is influenced by Egyptian burial jewels, samurai warriors and the omnipresent sliver of the Chrysler building. Each piece is an arcane world of its own, lined with shimmering black stingray which can be worn facing inwards against the skin—a secret only the wearer knows.